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Join the evolution.

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As the most recent generations to grace this planet we’ve been living through momentous historical events, shaky economies, and competing with ourselves on social media for the better part of a decade. So it’s not surprising that we’re tired and stressed and that, worst of all, we’re so used to it that we think it’s normal. When ‘anxious’ is no longer just a clinical diagnosis but something we say on a regular basis, something’s gotta give and we’re here to help. 

5 Ways to Manage Stress & Anxiety, Naturally

From the cramping to the mood swings and the blood (oh the blood!), periods can be a rather demanding time of the month, and many of us are prone to feeling a bit out of sorts both mentally and physically before and during our period.

5 Herbs & Nutrients For Balanced Hormones

While your period might not be something you look forward to, it shouldn’t be something you dread either. Feeling like a hot mess for around a week each month certainly isn’t how we want to be living our lives.

5 Steps To A Drama-Free Period