Eve's Story

In 2018, over 14,000 women responded to a survey about their hormones, sharing insights about their health.

The picture that this survey painted is one that highlights a real and present issue with hormone health and how it impacts our minds and our bodies.

A whopping 87% of those surveyed reported experiencing signs of hormone imbalance on a regular basis. This means that most women often don’t feel like themselves. We decided that’s just not good enough.

So, with the backing of scientists and a kick-ass research team, Eve was born to both provide women with insight into their health, and help them address concerns that arise with our new range of nutritional support products.

Over the years, our eager audience has turned into a smart, vibrant, and engaged community who learn more about their health from Eve while at the same time, help us understand the health of New Zealand women.

For people throughout New Zealand and beyond, Eve provides support, knowledge, and our shared learnings to those of us wanting to understand aspects of wellbeing, and how our hormone picture is a cornerstone of our health.

Our Mission

Eve exists to end the shame around taboo health topics such as hormones, periods, sexual health and mental wellbeing.

Hormone struggles show up in many ways: low energy, menstrual issues, mood challenges, cramping and pain, weight issues, headaches, low libido, skin concerns, and irregular periods.

We’re often told these symptoms are just part of being someone who menstruates.

But, at Eve, we don’t want you to just live with it. We want to help you understand your body through insight into your hormones, and empower you to take the best action towards your best health.

Everything we do is geared toward empowering people to better understand their bodies, knowing that our experiences are normal - not shameful - and having greater insight into how to support them, naturally and every day.

Opening up the conversation

The taboo around women’s health has been pervasive for too long and at Eve, we’re not here for it.

Periods, fertility, hormones, pregnancy and prevention are beacons of empowerment and without knowledge, we lose that power. An open conversation with likeminded people, at all stages of the journey, gives the confidence and self-expertise needed to be your own best friend.

All Eve platforms are a celebration of the self; a place to learn with an open mind and without judgement. We hope you like it here!

Meet Our Team


My own hormonal sh*t show after I came off the pill became our inspiration for Eve. I knew I wasn’t alone in my experiences, so we created Eve to provide support to people facing taboo health issues, who needed help. It’s vital that we open up the conversation around hormones, sex, mental wellbeing and periods so people know that they can feel better - and that they deserve to. Knowing that the work we do makes a difference to people’s lives is what gets me out of bed every day.

BA - Modern Foreign Languages (German & Italian), Cardiff University, UK


I have always been incredibly passionate about food, and the role that nutrition, exercise and hormones play in women’s health. I feel so lucky to be able to be in the position I’m in; working with smart, like-minded people, to help people better understand their overall health and wellness.

BSc - Human Nutrition, Otago University

BComm - Marketing, Otago University


I entered the well-being space in 2008 - when the industry's exercise and nutrition advice was built on the assumption that women were just smaller versions of men. I watched countless women and men adopt dietary, lifestyle and training regimes that hindered their hormonal well-being and overall health. As Eve’s product formulator & lead researcher, I am ever grateful for the opportunity to help change this and elevate others through science, education, and the development of specialised product formulations that solve real problems and make a noticeable difference in people's lives.

BA - Psychology, Massey University

Diploma in Nutritional Science, Naturopathic College of NZ

Diploma in Fitness, Fitlink NZ

Certificate 3 & 4 in Personal Training, NZ Institute of Health & Fitness