Blood Sugar Babe

The queen of weight management & hormone support.

PCOS is the most common endocrine disorder, however there is a lack of natural products available for people battling with this hormonal concern. Elevated androgen levels and anovulatory cycles are widely known signs of PCOS.

However, metabolic disturbances, insulin resistance, and glucose intolerance are often the major players lying behind this condition. Research shows that 75-90% of all PCOS cases are powered by insulin resistance, making blood sugar balance an essential part of any PCOS healing journey.

Introducing Blood Sugar Babe - a powerful metabolic booster, containing a potent dose of myo-inositol to promote hormonal balance & and rockstar blood sugar levels. 


  • Contains 4000mg per serve of Myo-inositol, which you can think of as the academy award winner for blood sugar support, metabolism and weight management. 

Who needs this product?

If you find yourself agreeing to one or many of the below, signs are your blood sugars could use a bit of a helping hand, which is why we created Blood Sugar Babe.

  • Get sleepy mid-morning or mid-afternoon or tired all the time? 
  • Feel agitated or “hangry” when you are unfed? 
  • Feel shaky, lightheaded, or dizzy if meals are delayed? 
  • Experience brain fog or get frequently get colds/flus? 
  • Need caffeine to keep you going throughout the day? 
  • Have trouble sleeping or wake up during the night? 
  • Suffer from acne, eczema, or other skin conditions? 
  • Struggle to lose weight? 
  • Have persistent sweet cravings?
  • Have high cholesterol or heart disease? 
  • Experience anxiety, depression, or mood variability/disorders? 
  • Have hormonal imbalances, missed periods, PMS, infertility or PCOS?
  • Have energy crashes, dizzy spells, break out in a sweat or get nauseated without food?

Blood Sugar Babe training video

A quick 3 minute training video to learn about our best-seller.

Blood Sugar Babe FAQs

Blood Sugar Babe FAQs:

Is Blood Sugar Babe pregnancy & breastfeeding friendly?

  • Blood Sugar Babe is pregnancy friendly, however we don't recommend during breastfeeding - as breast milk is naturally rich in inositol.

Is Blood Sugar Babe vegan?

  • Yes!  Blood Sugar Babe is vegan, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, refined sugar free, GMO free & free of artificial colours, flavours and additives.

Can you take Blood Sugar Babe with other Eve supplements?

  • Absolutely, Blood Sugar Babe is safe to take alongside the rest of our Eve range. 

Can Blood Sugar Babe be added to hot drinks, or just cold?

  • Cold is best! The potency of myo-inositol powder can degrade when heated.

How long until it starts to work in the system?

  • Minimum of 3-6 weeks - Insulin is a hormone that takes time to adjust to change.

What's the difference between Myo-Inositol and Inositol?

  • Same same but different name. Myo-Inositol is just one of the many inositols but it is the most studied isomer.

How does Myo-Inositol work in the system?

  • Simply put, Myo-Inositol supports cellular sensitivity to insulin, which results in lower blood sugar levels.
  • For a in-depth explanation.... Inositol acts as second messengers for insulin which means it can facilitate a normal cell response to insulin, stimulate glucose uptake in skeletal muscle cells and decrease blood sugar levels. This process improves insulin sensitivity .

How is Myo-Inositol different to Berberine?

  • Both can be an effective treatment for PCOS but myo-inositol does not possess the anti-microbial effects of berberine. Berberine can cause some GI side effects, has known contraindications with some medications and should not be taken for longer than 8-12 weeks due to its effects on the microbiome. 

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