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About Us

That forbidden fruit of knowledge? We ate it.

5 bites of truth, from Eve.

1. Eve started with science.

Unlike any other supplement brand we know, we started by building a lab, hiring scientists and researchers. We tested thousands of women's hormones and did a survey of 14,000 women. Out of over 14,000 surveyed, 87% reported experiencing signs of hormone imbalance on a regular basis. This data combined with our lab testing is what inspired our formulations and supplement range.

2. Not all supps are equal.

We used key trends and data from our lab to formulate supplements for the hormonal issues people struggle with the most. And we made sure they work. You’d be surprised how many supplements will do nada because the dosage is too low—not us. We’re revitalising a category that is quite frankly a snoozefest. Just read our reviews.

3. There's no place for shame.

We’re on a mission to erase the shame around taboo health topics: periods, hormones, sexual and mental wellbeing. We’ve come a long way, sure, but there’s still a way to go. And we’re leading the charge. Far too many have struggled with shame around their sexual, endocrine or reproductive health and it holds them back from seeking help or guidance when they truly need it, and we’re over it. Shame keeps us small, but we’re big on empowerment.

4. We talk about sh*t.

Eve started when co-founder Beatrice experienced her own hormonal sh*t show and figured other people must be going through this too. We just needed to start talking about it. About everything. We go beyond periods to talk about all kinds of sh*t: PMS, libido, vaginal health, PCOS, Endo, IBS, sleep, energy, hair, nails, bloating, weight changes, mood swings, how your period undies always turn a funny colour for some reason, and everything else you’ve been desperate to discuss.

5. Evies eat the fruit.

Eve Wellness is made for the ambitious Evies. You want to make the world and yourself better. You don’t want to be slowed down by unbalanced hormones and how that can affect your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. You refuse to be held back. You celebrate who you are and accept that hormonal health is a journey. Because we’re all on it. We’re here for the Evies who would reach up and grab that goddamn forbidden fruit. Because if you want it, you can take it. The same goes for hormonal health. And it tastes f*cking good.

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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Beatrice Thorne - Co-Founder & General Manager 

Beatrice Thorne - Co-Founder & General Manager 

My own hormonal sh*t show after I came off the pill became our inspiration for Eve. I knew I wasn’t alone in my experiences, so we created Eve to provide support to people facing taboo health issues, who needed help. It’s vital that we open up the conversation around hormones, sex, mental wellbeing and periods so people know that they can feel better - and that they deserve to. Knowing that the work we do makes a difference to people’s lives is what gets me out of bed every day.

BA - Modern Foreign Languages (German & Italian), Cardiff University, UK

Caitlin Treacy - Marketing & Content Specialist

Caitlin Treacy - Marketing & Content Specialist

I have always been incredibly passionate about food, and the role that nutrition, exercise and hormones play in women’s health. I feel so lucky to be able to be in the position I’m in; working with smart, like-minded people, to help people better understand their overall health and wellness.

BSc - Human Nutrition, Otago University
BComm - Marketing, Otago University

Lisa Walker - Lead Research & Formulator

Lisa Walker - Lead Research & Formulator

As Eve’s product formulator & lead researcher, I am ever grateful for the opportunity to help change this and elevate others through science, education, and the development of specialised product formulations that solve real problems and make a noticeable difference in people's lives.

BA - Psychology, Massey University

Diploma in Nutritional Science, Naturopathic College of NZ

Diploma in Fitness, Fitlink NZ

Certificate 3 & 4 in Personal Training, NZ Institute of Health & Fitness

Cheyenne Welham - eCommerce Manager

Cheyenne Welham - eCommerce Manager

My own complex health journey has made me incredibly passionate about women's wellness. It's critical that women are represented in all areas of society. That's why I'm excited to be working for Eve and playing a small part in changing the narrative.

BBus - Marketing, Massey University

Lauren Ambrose - CRM & Digital Specialist

Lauren Ambrose - CRM & Digital Specialist

A long journey of losing and regaining my period in my early twenties opened my eyes to just how wise and powerful the female body can be and I don’t think I’ve shut up about it since. I’m forever grateful for the small role that I get to play in making a real difference in the lives of real women at Eve.

BComm - Marketing & Commercial Law, University of Auckland

Sabrina Hadley - Sales Manager

Sabrina Hadley - Sales Manager

I've always been passionate about health and wellness, and working at Eve I've learnt so much about hormones which has helped my own health journey. As the Sales Manager at Eve I'm thankful to be able to get our amazing products into more retail stores and into more people's lives.

BSc - Sport and Recreation

Diploma in Sport Studies

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