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Don’t you think it’s odd that something as natural as your monthly period, can feel as unnatural as it does? Cramping, pain, irregular bleeds, periods that are full-on one month and ghost you the next, low energy, low mood, high wouldn’t choose any of this normally right?

The State of the Menstruation Nation

For way too long periods have been talked about as though they’re a monthly event that brings you, your painkillers, and your hot water bottle into a week-long codependent relationship. 

Why Your Period Is More Than A Monthly Pain In The Uterus

The creation of the birth control pill in the 1950’s was nothing short of revolutionary for female reproductive freedom. For the first time in history, there was a reliable, convenient, female-led contraceptive method, meaning men and women could enjoy sex without a side of pregnancy (yay!).

Why Do We *Still* Know So Little About Our Body On The Pill?