Morning Person

Energy support to help you carpe that diem.

Morning Person combines high strength, bioavailable B vitamins and adaptogens to support energy, brain function, and a healthy stress response. Everything you need to turn into a morning person.


  • Includes high quality B vitamins, including methylated B12, to serve as catalysts to convert the food we eat into energy to be used throughout the day, while Panax Ginseng provides a fast-acting extra energy boost.
  • Rhodiola Rosea works to fine tune your inner engines to support better energy levels long term, supporting your body’s ability to cope with signs of stress while also supporting exercise performance, mental clarity, mood and vitality.
  • This unique combination of both fast-acting and ongoing adaptogenic herbs supports better energy today, and healthy vitality long term.

Morning Person training video

A quick 5 minute training video to learn about why we made it.

Morning Person FAQs

How long does it take to work?

  • Thanks to the Panax Ginseng and B vits you should feel a pretty instant increase in your focus and energy! And after 2-4 weeks you should notice any longer term fatigue starting to ease as the Rhodiola Rosea works it's magic on your stress, adrenal health and resilience.

Does Morning Person contain caffeine?

  • Nope! Morning Person is caffeine free, and non-jittery thanks to key energy boosting ingredients Panax Ginseng and B vitamins. 

Can I use Morning Person when pregnant or breastfeeding?

  • We're afraid not. Panax Ginseng is to be avoided when pregnant. If you are using while trying to conceive just stop taking it when you think you may be (or find out that you are) pregnant.

Do I have to take Morning Person with food?

  • Some people find they feel better taking Panax Ginseng with food, but it's up t you. Give it a try with your brekky and without and see how you feel. The efficacy is the same with or without food.

Can men and children take Morning Person?

  • Morning Person is suitable for those over the age of 12, men and teenagers included.

I can't handle coffee - it makes me jittery and disrupts my sleep! Will Morning Person be too strong for me?

  • Morning person is caffeine free and non-jittery, so perfect for those who want energy support but don't do coffee.

Can I take Morning Person alongside other Eve products?

  • Yes! Morning Person has been designed to work nicely alongside all of our other products. 

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