V Good Probiotics

Probiotic care for *down there.*

Eve V Good Probiotics is a premium probiotic with scientifically studied strains for easy ‘down there’ care and gut health. If the itches and niggles of thrush or BV nag at you more than you’d like, or if your gut health is something to be less than desired, the carefully chosen strains inV Good Probiotics will be your new BFFs to keep things calm, clear and carefree.


  • V Good Probiotics utilises a Slow Release Capsule to help deliver the probiotics beyond the stomach acid to support vaginal health and overall feminine wellness
  • Contains L.Rhamnosus HN001™ and L.Acidophilus La-14® which have been shown to promote healthy vaginal microbiota in addition to having beneficial effects regarding bacterial vaginosis and thrush.
  • Contains B.Lactis HN019™ which has been studied for its ability to regulate colonic transit time, supports healthy digestion, and eases digestive discomfort, gas and bloating.

Watch our short 3-minute training video below to learn more.

V Good Probiotics training video

A quick 3 minute training video to learn more about why we made it.

V Good Probiotics FAQs

Can I use V Good Probiotics while breastfeeding?

  • Yes, it's not just safe to use V Good Probiotics during pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding, it's actively recommended. The carefully selected probiotic strains have incredible benefits during pregnancy such as balancing vaginal flora, and supporting immunity, blood sugar balance and gut health. While breastfeeding V Good Probiotics can support mum and baby's immune systems, baby's microbiome development, postpartum mood balance and of course gut health.

Can I use V Good Probiotics while on antibiotics?

  • Absolutely. The probiotics in V Good Probiotics can provide fantastic gut and vaginal support during antibiotic use. Just make sure to take V Good Probiotics at least two hours away from your antibiotics.

 Can V Good Probiotics help with recurring thrush?

  • Yes! Some of the probiotic strains in V Good Probiotics help to keep the vaginal microbiome nice and acidic, and it needs to be in order to prevent the growth of harmful pathogens such as E.Coli, Staph & Candida

 Is it okay to take V Good Probiotics while on the pill or IUD?

  • Yes, again this is beneficial. All forms of contraception are known to increase risk of thrush and bacterial vaginosis, even the non-hormonal copper IUD. 

Can I take V Good Probiotics with other Eve supplements, and/or BePure Two?

  • Totally! Our range of Eve supplements are designed to target key concerns and work together beautifully. V Good Probiotics is also safe to take with BePure Two probiotic to support healthy amounts of beneficial bacteria in our gut and vaginal microbiomes.

Can I take V Good Probiotics for gut health even if I don't have any 'down there' concerns?

  • Yes, absolutely!  Some of the probiotic strains in V Good Probiotics has been included to support digestion, reduce bloating and decrease transit time. You can also sleep easy knowing that you're taking a probiotic that will help to prevent vaginal itches and niggles happening in the first place.

Is V Good Probiotics vegan?

  • The probiotic strains in V Good Probiotics are derived from animal products such as milk, so they are not wholly vegan. 

Is V Good Probiotics dairy free?

  • V Good Probiotics doesn't contain dairy. However there could be traces as some of the strains are derived from dairy. This means there is no dairy present in the probiotic so it is safe for those with lactose intolerance or dairy sensitivities, however if you are highly allergic to dairy we wouldn't recommend V Good Probiotics to be on the safe side.

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