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2024 Astro Forecast by Hannah Crerar

2024 Astro Forecast by Hannah Crerar

A new year always brings with it a mix of emotions. You many be feeling reflective, excited, hopeful, and uncertain, all at once.​​​​​​​​

With multiple outer planets shifting signs next year, it means many new chapters are opening. ​​​​​​​​Read on for your 2024 astro forecast by our good friend Hannah Crerar of Soul Psychology.



2024 is your year to shine. Whether you have been working on a passion project or you have been on a deep self-development journey, it is time to reap the rewards of your efforts. Get ready to leverage your innovative skills and step into roles of leadership over the next 12 months. Let your thoughts be heard loud and clear. At the start of the year question what is holding you back? Release old limitations, and in particular those relationships that diminish your self-worth. In April you may experience some financial surprises. Develop an abundance mindset, stay open to opportunities, and roll with any changes in cash-flow. Halfway through the year, your world could be in for a change of scene! Get ready for a potential move and the excitement of a fresh start. 



2024 is all about expansion, abundance and identity upgrades. As you enter the new year, say farewell to self-criticism and perfectionism. This year is about taking bold actions and trusting in the unknown. Practices like journaling, meditation and spending time in nature will be essential. When you unplug from the world around you and connect with yourself, you will receive a lot of creative inspiration. The first 6 months of the year may bring about cataclysmic change, especially in your personal life. If things feel chaotic and unpredictable, choose to see the positives. You are being taken toward your destiny.  As the year goes on, brace yourself for career expansion. Invest your money wisely and plant seeds for future growth!



2024 is the time to let your authenticity shine, embrace a growth mindset, and build beautiful relationships. The year provides a fresh start and one where you can rewrite your story. If you have felt limited or held back in any way, take a deep breath and step into the higher vision you have for yourself. You will be living more from your heart this year. There is no longer a need to prove yourself or manipulate situations to serve your ego. Vulnerability is your ultimate superpower. Focus on your community and ask yourself what kind of impact you want to have on others. You have the power to spread your message wide. After the midway point of the year, you will be stepping into the spotlight. Welcome the attention that comes your way and use your voice.



2024 is all about inner growth, letting go of the past and building a life on your terms. Brace yourself for a shake-up in your social sphere. New people will enter your life and unhealthy relationships will be let go of. Be very selective with the energy you allow in and set high standards. Midway through the year be very aware of the inner dialogue you have going on. Journal, meditate and take a breather away from the hustle of daily life. Your Soul has a message for you, and you need to be able to hear what it has to say. There is some brave action you need to take, likely career-related. This year you might feel ready to explore old traumas and memories so that you can let go of limitations from your past. You are ready to step into a lighter and brighter future.



2024 is a year of big change for you! Whether it is a new role, a change of scenery, a new relationship, or a fresh challenge, the Universe is stirring up exciting shifts. Before you enter the new year, reflect on all the lessons of 2023 and feel gratitude for where you have landed. In April, there is a plot twist in your professional life so be prepared to make some significant decisions. It is also a great year to travel and explore new places. If leaving the country isn’t part of the plan, go and explore places in your local area. When you shake up the monotony of your routine you will open yourself up to some amazing conversations, new relationships, perspective shifts and self-learning. It is also a great year to seek out mentors or people who will challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone. 



2024 is all about building confidence in yourself, feeling purposeful in your work and embracing vulnerability. You like to feel in control of life, but there will be many moments when you are called to let go of the reigns. Remember everything is working in your favour. There are some bold and vulnerable conversations to be had especially in the early stages of the year. What do you need to get off your chest? Who feels safe to open your heart up to? Nurture those relationships Midway through the year, the focus lands on your career and the life you're crafting. Are you on the right path? What are your skills? Where can you be of greatest value? Are you excited by what you do? All of this is important. This is the year to take action on your big dreams and believe in yourself. 



2024 is a year for immense self-growth, deeper intimacy in relationships, and letting go self-sabotage. You are being called to reclaim your power within your relationships. Prioritise your happiness so that you can show up as a better partner, colleague friend or parent. This year you must challenge yourself to make big decisions without overthinking. Your intuition is your greatest compass and you need to follow it with confidence. Instead of living in fear, take action and adjust along the way. April may deliver some surprises to your finances and relationships. Midway through the year, you will feel the urge to explore somewhere new, whether that means traveling overseas, learning a new subject, or expanding your social circle, it's time to inject fresh energy into your life.



2024 is a year to embrace transformation. Old karma is on its way out and it might feel like your life gets a profound makeover. In April, get ready for a shake-up in your romantic or business partnerships. You will gain insight into your beliefs, tendencies and attachment styles. Embrace the new realisations and let them guide your growth. Your health and wellbeing must be a priority this year. Identify the practices that bring you a lot of joy and energy and incorporate them into your daily or weekly routine. Self-love is a cliche term, but you must show compassion to your body and rest when you need to. You tend to enjoy a lot of privacy and operate more from the shadows but this year is about stepping into the light. Remember you are worthy of lots of love and attention. 



2024 is a year full of love, abundance and playful, childlike energy. You are innately optimistic and open minded and these are the qualities you want to amplify this year. Your work schedule will likely receive a shakeup in April. Unexpected inspiration might tap you on the shoulder and it will bring a sigh of relief. Take extra care of your physical body as there will be moments of overwhelm and busyness. Taking time for yourself is so important and if you feel guilty, remember that when you focus on yourself, this has a positive ripple effect on others. How can you use your voice this year? What is the story you are here to tell? It is time to speak your truth and lead with authenticity. Midway through the year, love takes centre stage! Tune into your heart and act from that place. 



2024 is a year of immense self growth, physical healing and family connection. There is a side of you that is innately hardworking, serious and disciplined but this year is one to let your guard down a little and welcome support from the people around you. Big changes will be happening around April and May and it’s important to witness the shifts rather than trying to control them. Focus on nurturing your home space and making it feel like a sanctuary. This is your place to feel safe, relax, and process your emotions. Carve out time to look after your body and your health. As the year progresses, everything will seem to fall into place and you will be able to take big exhale. Fun, romance and overall happiness are on the cards.



2024 is a year to strengthen your self-belief, embrace change and use your voice. What is the message you want to share with others? Whether in your romantic relationships, at work, or with friends, your words are powerful and it’s important that you are speaking truthfully and from the heart. Be mindful of your inner dialogue. Are you speaking to yourself with kindness and compassion? As you enter the new year consider what limiting beliefs you are holding onto. Let go of the limitations so you can embrace this new chapter. Midway through the year, there is a sense of excitement, surprise and expansion. Your living situation, romantic life or family life may be in for a a change. It is important to go with the flow and welcome the new energy.



2024 is an empowering year. You will learn how truly worthy you are. You are such a deep feeler, and your empathy and sensitivity is a great strength but not when it comes at the expense of your sanity and peace. This is the year to let go of negative relationships, release patterns of co-dependency and prioritise yourself. In the new year, get clear on your values, ambitions, and deep needs. Make sure you are placing yourself in environments that support these things. In April you may find your social circle changes. Your perspective on things might shift as well. There is a sense of abundance and joy that gets injected into your sense of home and family in the middle of the year. It will be a good time to connect with your roots and childhood memories. 


This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. We are all unique. For your individual health concerns, it is important to discuss these with a relevant health professional.

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